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Well hello there!

Before you start thinking "this child is a genius" I'm not! Ive got my mummy to help me
with this and she is a beginner so please bare with us :-)
Right then, let me give you some of my vital statistics just so you know a little bit about

Date of Birth: 23rd March 2000
Place: Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, United Kingdom
Birth Weight: 8lb 10oz (I'm a big lad I know)
Eye Colour: Chocolate brown (to die for)
Hair Colour: Browney/blonde (seems to go blonder in the summer)
Distinquishing marks: Little mole on top right cheek (my face, naughty!) and a little 'oil stain' birthmark on my top left thigh
Favourite Toy: Anything to do with Thomas the Tank (hence the pictures)
Favourite TV Programme: I'll narrow it down to two! Thomas The Tank (of course) and Teletubbies (sad I know but someones got to admit to liking 'em).As of June 2002, although I am still very keen on the afore-mentioned items, I've got to say it but I now have a new favourite - BRUM!
Favourite Food & Drink: Ooo, I think it has to be sausages washed down with Ribena ('Toothkind' naturally)

Well I dont think there is much more to tell really, I think I have about summed it up.
Oh yeah, I suppose I better tell you a bit about my 'background'. My mummy (otherwise
known as Mama) is called Shelley, who is originally from South Africa and spends her
time looking after me. My daddy is called Mark and was born in Gloucester (Ooo aaar!)
.... all I need now are two brothers called Luke & John and we could be something
straight out of the scriptures! heh heh. As it happens, I am currently still a single child.
Anyway my daddy works for an International haulage company

I have a little "Latest" link as a form of a Diary (watch out Bridget Jones!) along with
my "Picture Gallery" to let you know what mad and exciting things happen to me over
the days/months and possibly years to come, so keep your eyes open (it does help! heh
In the meantime, feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from you! and if you really
want to, you can sign my GUESTBOOK situated at the bottom of this page.

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